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Self Defense Crimes - Duty To Retreat

by Roger Chartier:

The Retreat Doctrine

People are charged with self defense crimes when there are circumstances where self defense is questionable.

Shot gun self defense crimes - www.Castle-Law-In-Texas.comIf someone walking along the sidewalk threatens to punch you, and you shoot them point blank in the face that is excessive force. You could have walked away.

If you do shoot them you might want to get familiar with the Texas Penal Code, you may need it.
The point is that you might have a duty to retreat in some states.

There are situations that a person is required to retreat from an attack.

Deadly Force

Sometimes a person can use of deadly force in self defense only when retreat is not possible or when retreat poses a danger to the person under attack.

Police officers can kill you and don't have to retreat as long as they are acting in the line of duty. Also, some courts allow that the person has a right to be where they are such as their home, car or work place and the idea of the castle law is considered.

Stand Your Ground

A lot of the states understand that we should not have to retreat in all cases and have "Stand Your Ground" laws. Whereas a person does not have to retreat, but can defend them self with equal force - match force with force and even can kill if they are confronted with a serious threat to their life.

self defense crime - www.Castle-Law-In-Texas.comIn New York State, you have a duty to retreat. There is a case where a man was standing in the doorway of his apartment and killed another man who threatened to kill him and had stabbed him in the past.

The man who was defending himself got a manslaughter conviction. So much for justice.

 A recent bullying case in Florida ended up with the bully getting killed and the person who defended himself was not convicted.

 So the law varies from state to state.
I suggest that you should know the laws in your state before you do something rash.